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Who We Are

Storehouse Coffee Company is a coffee roastery nestled in the Western Appalachian Mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina.

We specialize in:

  • Truly exceptional specialty coffees
  • On-Demand, Small-Batch roasting
  • Custom Roasting (you select the roast level)
  • Cupping and tasting notes
Over 20 years of combined passion and industry experience come together with a goal of providing unsurpassed quality and personalized service.

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Website Features

We have added great new features and improvements to the site!
Here are some highlights to help get you started:

Featured Coffees

Black Tie Espresso
Black Tie Espresso
Black Tie Espresso
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A dark roasted espresso blend designed with elegance in mind.
Monsooned Malabar
Monsooned Malabar
Monsooned Malabar
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Super smooth and great for those seeking a ecologically sound, low acidity coffee.
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Korofeigu
Papua New Guinea Korofeigu
Average Rating(0)
Fantastic body and aroma. Spice and mild sweetness with a smooth clean finish.