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Dezcal - Coffee Machine Descaler

Only 16 lbs. left in stock!

What is the best way to clean and descale your coffee maker?

Mineral scale builup in the water tank of your coffee maker can clog water flow and negatively affect brew temperature ? this results in beverage inconsistency.
To prevent your machine from clogging and breaking down, your coffee/espresso equipment should be descaled regularly.

Dezcal? is a safe option for removing lime scale build-up in your machine.
Dezcal? can be used on home coffee brewers, espresso machines (traditional and automatic), kettles, and pod and capsule machines.
NSF certified for metal compatibility.

For best results, use quarterly (water hardness in your area may require more or less frequent descaling).

Please consult your coffee machine user manual for specific descaling instructions.

Each box contains four (4) 1oz packs

Usage Instructions

  1. Dissolve 1 packet of powder per 32 oz (1 L) of warm water before adding to machine (some stirring required)
  2. Pour dissolved solution into water tank of machine
  3. Turn machine on and run brew cycle collecting solution
  4. Discard solution. Rinse all parts and repeat with clean water twice
Note: Be sure to use caution on countertops as this acid formula can have a similar effect as that of lemon juice.

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