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Ethiopian - Misty Valley
Regular price:$14.50
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    Ethiopian - Idido Misty Valley - Heirloom

    Ethiopian Heirloom, Wet Process
    From the highly sought-after Misty Valley station (Idido) located in the Yirgacheffe highlands of southern Ethiopia.
    All of the right ingredients come into play to produce this fantastic world class, coffee for which Idido Misty Valley is famous.

    Flavor Observations

    It has been a while since we have had a really nice washed Yirgacheffe in house and we are doubly excited to have this offering from Misty Valley.

    The aroma is classic "washed Ethiopian," sweet and fragrant, with hints of spring wildflowers.
    A round, medium bodied mouth feel with notes of honey that gives way to lemon zest and apricots (particularly at a lighter roasts).
    The finish is lingering and clean with a nice, crisp dryness that will yield a more lime tartness as the cup cools.

    One of the characteristics we like the most with our Misty Valley Yirgacheffe is the rounder, deeper body as a result of the wet processing method.
    It is very smooth and inviting; more similar to what you would expect in a coffee from the Sidama (Sidamo) region. Those who prefer Ethiopian Sidamo coffees will be well pleased.

    Our Idido Misty Valley truly sets itself apart from many other washed Yirgacheffe coffees; the incredible smoothness, clean citrus characteristics, delicate tea-like aromatics and dry finish are simply outstanding.
    We are extremely pleased with this wonderful Yirgacheffe from Idido Misty Valley. If you are a fan of washed Yirgacheffes you will not be disappointed!

    While we prefer to roast our Ethiopian Misty Valley to a Full City Roast, we are happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.

    • City Roast - Highlights the citrus, acidity and tangy finish while remaining wrapped within a smooth body and round mouth feel
    • Full City Roast - We feel this provides the best balance between the body and acidity. A bit deeper body, tempered acidity, but still plenty of apricot and lemon zest
    • Full City (+) Roast - (a little oil on the bean) Will intensify the "roastiness" and depth, but will sacrifice the refined delicate qualities. Still nice very here!
    • Darker Roast - Not recommended

    Additional Information

    This coffee was wet processed at the Aricha washing station, formerly known as the highly coveted Misty Valley station and sometimes called Idido. This washing station is located in the Yirgacheffe highlands of southern Ethiopia. Approximately 700 small holder farmers contribute their coffee to this station.
    The Idido Cooperative is sanctioned by the Ethiopian government which allows coffee produced within the cooperative to essentially bypass the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange.
    This means that we can be assured of a high-quality and traceable coffee.
    Farmers in the cooperative also benefit from the relationship by receiving higher premiums for their coffees, access to and assistance with processing techniques and facilities, which in turn improve their quality of life.

    • Region: Yirgacheffe
    • Sub-Region: Aricha "Misty Valley”
    • Processing Method: Washed
    • Growing Altitude: 6,2333 - 7,2218 feet
    • Plant Varietal's: Heirloom

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    Ethiopian Harrar - Longberry
    Regular price: $14.50
    Ethiopian Heirloom, Natural Process
    From the Bedeno area of Eastern Oromia, Harrar
    This is a very nice coffee from a sub-region within the Harrar area and offers a deeper body with notes of juicy blueberry.
    Harrar coffees are typically bolder and deeper than many other coffees from Ethiopia, and our Bedeno offering is no exception.

    Flavor Observations

    Our Bedeno Ethiopian Harrar provides the bold, full body you would expect from a quality Harrar along with lush, yet subtle, fresh blueberry flavor and a rich spicy aroma.
    The finish is winy and pleasant with a slight dryness that is accentuated in the lighter roasts.
    The Aroma is outstanding with hints of spice and blueberry.

    Our Ethiopian Harrar is a patio dried, Natural Processed coffee with a wonderful complexity and notes of dark fruit.
    In summary - A bold and winy (i.e. blueberry) cup with a heavy body and complex flavor.

    The Longberry designation refers to the largest of the three bean sizes available
    We have been looking for an outstanding Harrar for some time and are very pleased with this offering.
    We're sure you will be too!

    We prefer to roast our Bedeno Harrar to a City or Full City Roast to highlight the blueberry and complexity.
    Darker roasts will temper the acidity and provide an enhanced depth and fullness.
    This is a versatile coffee that works well at various roast levels so it will accommodate the profile quality you seek.
    As always, we are happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.

    • City Roast - Will highlight the wildness, spice and offer the most pronounced blueberry attributes. The finish will yield a slightly dryer edge.
    • Full City Roast - Provides a great balance between the blueberry notes, the body, and the acidity. A more Full Roundness will appear, darker berry, and softer acidity
    • Full City (+) Roast - (a little oil on the bean) Will bring out the deeper body and boldness, but will sacrifice a bit of the acidity. Still nice and juicy here!
    • Vienna Roast - (heavy oil on the bean) Notes of dark berry, bitter sweet chocolate, great depth and smoothness

    Additional Information

    The Harrar region is one of the main growing regions in Ethiopia, and has a reputation for producing distinctive, quality Arabica coffee.
    Harrar beans are usually Natural processed coffees, which produces the distinct berry notes for which it is known.

    • Processing Method: Natural (Dry)
    • Processing Description: Sun Dried on patios
    • Screen Size: Longberry - 14 and up (Big Bean)
    • Growing Altitude: 5,577 feet or greater
    • Plant Varietal's: Heirloom

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    Congo - Butembo - Organic
    Regular price: $17.50
    Fully Washed and sun dried on patios
    This is an excellent offering from the Soprocopiv cooperative. See below for more information on how this cooperative helps the farmers and their families.
    This particular crop is an Organic coffee that is traceable back to the small village of Butembo in the northern region of Kivu.

    Flavor Observations

    Our Organic DR Congo Butembo is a truly vibrant and complex coffee.
    Depending on your roast choice, you can experience flavor attributes ranging from juicy, black currant, grapefruit, and melon to cherry, caramel and dark chocolate.

    There is a lingering sweetness to this coffee which contrasts its mild acidity, and the fruit notes will become more apparent as the cup cools.
    The body is medium to deep (again depending on the roast), and the aroma is sweet and spicy with notes of fruit.

    If you enjoy African coffees, then this unique Organic Congo is not one to pass up!

    Roast Level / Profile Notes:
    It was a real challenge to pick our favorite roast level for this wonderful Congo.
    The lighter roasts will yield the fruit and complexity; the darker roasts, the chocolate, caramel and depth.

    In the end, we settled on a Full City Roast because we really like the complexity and fruit, but wanted to round out the body and acidity.

    We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
    The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will change the profile:
    • City Roast - This roast level will yield the most complexity, brighter acidity and fruit. Great choice if you want to get the most out of the origin characteristics.
    • Full City Roast - We prefer this roast level in order to experience the best overall balance of sweetness, body, and character.
    • Full City (+) Roast - This roast level will bring the focus on depth, tempered brightness and fruit. Chocolate and caramel notes become apparent.
    • Darker Roasts - This roast will provide the huge depth, but will sacrifice the complexity. If you are looking for that big bite and deep body without the brightness and high end palate complexity, then Vienna or French is your choice.

    Additional Information
    The Soprocopiv cooperative was created in 2004 by a group of farmers intent on growing and producing specialty grades of coffee, and to bring them to market with an end goal of improving the quality of life for their families and to provide better education and healthcare services.

    This DR Congo coffee from SOPROCOPIV differs from other crops in that it is personally pulped and washed by individual farmers.
    Additionally, the coffee is Organic and hand picked.
    • Origin: DR Congo
    • Region: Northern Kivu
    • Sub-Region: Butembo Village
    • Processing Method: Fully Washed
    • Drying: Sun Dried on Patios
    • Growing Altitude: 5,000 (+) feet
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    Tanzanian Peaberry - Ruvuma
    Regular price: $13.25
    Wet Processed and Sun Dried

    Flavor Observations
    A distinctive indulgence!
    Very nice complexity in the cup, with a finish that lingers on the palette.

    Our Tanzanian Peaberry – Ruvuma offers a mild to medium body with a vibrant and zesty mouth-feel ending with a soft, black tea finish.
    When roasted to a City Roast, the cup will yield notes of lemon, peach, and subtle sweetness.

    Roast Level / Profile Notes:
    We prefer to roast our Tanzanian Peaberry – Ruvuma to a City Roast as it brings out the fruit tones and complexity which really impressed us.
    However, a Full City Roast is equally stunning as this will bring out the depth and black tea notes and a kind of "Kenya like" quality

    We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
    The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will change the profile:
    • City Roast (light roast) - This roast level will highlight the fruit and zestiness. Perfect to experience the mildness and complexities.
      This is our Preferred Roast Level.
    • Full City Roast (medium roast) - Will provide the deeper body and fruit bringing it closer to qualities of a Kenyan.
    • Full City (+) Roast (medium dark roast) - The gloss of "oil" will temper the acidity and fruit, deepening the body and richness.
    • Darker Roasts - Will likely over power the fruit, but could be very nice as an Espresso or for a French Press.

    What is a Peaberry?:
    Most coffee cherries contain 2 beans that are flat on one side and rounded on the other.
    When a coffee cherry only yields one bean that is completely rounded and oval in shape, this is known as a Peaberry.
    Typically, but not always, a Peaberry will be a bit more complex in flavor and attributes

    Additional Information
    Nyamtimbo-Songea Ruvuma is a region in southwestern Tanzania, named after the Ruvuma River which flows along the southern border with Mozambique.
    For some time, Ruvuma has produced high quality coffee, but the combined inaccessibility of the region, poor infrastructure, and uncertain political situation have prevented this coffee from consistently reaching the international market.
    These unfortunate circumstances seem to be changing to some extent, and the farmers in the area as well as the coffee consumers are both benefiting.
    New and refurbished pulperies have been able to pay the farmer the same price he would receive if he had processed the coffee at home. In return they have been able to take better care in tending and harvesting the coffee.

    Location: Nyamtimbo-Songea Ruvuma, South Tanzania
    Altitude: 3,900 - 5,900 Feet
    Varietal: Arusha, Bourbon
    Process: Wet process
    Drying: Sun and mechanically dried on patios
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