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Mocha Java

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Fully Washed, Sun Dried

This is a 100% "Authentic" blend of coffee from Yemen Mocha (not chocolate) and Organic, Rainforest Alliance Indonesian Java.
Very full-bodied, rich, and complex.

We use the name Mocha Java to refer to the origins of the coffee, which is why we call this an "Authentic" blend.

Flavor Observations

Combining the huge body and syrupy mouth feel of Indonesian Java with the complexity and wildness of Yemen Mocha creates an unforgettable blend with layers of complexity at any roast level.
Deep-toned and aromatic wood notes give way to chocolate overtones, and a beguiling finish.
Rich, smooth and complex.

Roast Level / Profile Notes:

We chose a Full City roast as our default level because it focuses in on the best balance between all of the attributes.
However, you will not be disappointed in any way with lighter or darker roasts; see our notes below.
As always, we are happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.

  • City Roast - If you are looking for wildness and complexity, then look no further. City roast will highlight the potency of the Yemen and fruity tones, yet still providing the depth and body from the Java.

  • Full City Roast - Here chocolate tones emerge, Indonesian spice and perhaps some nuttiness. The acidity is balanced yet still allows for the pungency of the Yemen to shine.

  • Full City (+) Roast - This is the place to find more of a syrupy mouth-feel and full body, mild licorice or anise tones, deeper red fruits and that sharper lingering finish.

  • Vienna Roast - A Vienna roast will solidify the dark chocolates and smooth, deep body which gives way to a complex mouth-feel and rustic finish.

  • French Roast - A French roast is a good choice for those who are seeking a heavy body, bitter-sweet chocolate and and sharp finish. Acidity is well tempered.

Additional Information

While many Mocha Java blends will substitute one or more of these beans with less expensive alternates, often sacrificing quality for price, we do not.

This is a 100% "Authentic" Yemen Mocha and Organic, Rainforest Alliance Indonesian Java blend!

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