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Mocha Java
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    Mocha Java

    This is a 100% Authentic blend of coffee from Yemen Mocha (not chocolate) and Indonesia Java. Very full-bodied, rich, and complex.

    Flavor Observations
    Deep-toned and roasty with aromatic wood notes. Dark chocolate overtones, rich, and incredibly smooth. A delicious, very full-bodied coffee with wonderfully complex flavors.

    Additional Information
    Mocha Java, the oldest coffee blend on record, was traditionally made with a blend of "Mocha", from the Republic of Yemen and "Java", from Indonesia.

    Genuine Mocha coffee only comes from Yemen, from a small port on the Red Sea of Yemen's west coast known as Al-Makha or Al-Mocha or Al-Mokka or simply, Mocha.
    When combined, the strong, fruity acidity of the Yemen Mocha uplifts the lower-toned profile of Java, while the more mellow but full, rich body of the Java calms the wild, spiciness of the Yemen.

    While many Mocha Java blends will substitute one or more of these beans with less expensive alternates, often sacrificing body and style for price, we do not.

    This is a 100% Authentic Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java blend!

    A darker roast (Full City + or Vienna, will highlight the full rich body. A medium Full City roast will accentuate the spiciness of the Yemen.


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    Natural/Dry Processed
    A true classic and rare find!

    Our newest 2016 offering from Yemen has had quite the journey to reach us.
    The wars that are persisting in Yemen (as of this writing) have been overwhelming to the country and have impacted every area.
    While availability of offerings has improved, "quality" offerings are difficult to source, and this is directly responsible for the increase in price.

    The good news is we have been able to acquire a very nice quality Yemen Mocha Matari!
    You will find all the classic complexity you have come to expect and wonderful flavor notes ranging from apricots to chocolate to strawberry (depending on roast choices).

    Flavor Observations
    If you are looking for complexity and wildness, then this is the coffee for you!
    The aromatics of exotic spice, dry cinnamon, cardamom, and dates are amazing. The acidity is nice and winey, and flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, dates, Turkish apricots, and strawberry are apparent.
    The mouth feel is surprisingly smooth with notes of earthiness, dark cherry, and tobacco.

    Darker roasts will accentuate the rich chocolate tones and muddled fruit
    Lighter roasts will accentuate the spice, wildness, and more vibrant fruit notes.

    In the end, we are pleased and fortunate to have such a wonderful Yemen offering and hope you will give it a try!

    Roast Level / Profile Notes:
    We love the complexity of Yemen coffees, so we actually prefer a light City Roast for our Yemen Mocha Matari.
    If a City Roast is a bit light for your taste, then our second choice is Full City. It mellows things a bit while still yielding plenty of complexity!

    *** Please note that light and medium roasted Yemen coffee will have a very uneven bean surface, mottled and irregular. This is due to the processing and drying methods. ***
    • City Roast - For the most complexity, fruit, and brighter acidity, this is the best choice.
    • Full City Roast - Subdues things a bit by rounding the body, bringing out the red fruits, and mellow chocolate tones.
    • Full City (+) Roast - Will definitely focus on the dark chocolate and wine while providing a deeper body; very smooth.
    • Vienna Roast - Roast characteristics will begin to take over here. Fruit notes will wane, but spice is retained. Body will smooth with notes of sharp chocolate.
    • French Roast - Not recommended.

    Additional Information
    Un-roasted Yemen coffee beans are small, round, irregular and olive green to yellow in color.
    The coffee is grown and processed in much the same way as it has been over the years with little to no improvisation.
    This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it contributes greatly to what makes Yemeni coffee so wonderfully complex and intriguing.
    The coffee is naturally processed (dried with the fruit still attached to the beans) and milling is done conventionally by millstone or other "primitive" methods (accounting for the rough and irregular beans).

    • Origin: Yemen
    • Region: Matari
    • Processing: Natural and Dry Hulled
    • Growing Altitude: 1,900 - 2,440 feet
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