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Mocha Java
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    Mocha Java

    Mocha Java Blend
    This is a 100% Authentic blend of coffee from Yemen Mocha (not chocolate) and Indonesia Java. Very full-bodied, rich, and complex.

    Flavor Observations
    Deep-toned and roasty with aromatic wood notes. Dark chocolate overtones, rich, and incredibly smooth. A delicious, very full-bodied coffee with wonderfully complex flavors.

    Additional Information
    Mocha Java, the oldest coffee blend on record, was traditionally made with a blend of "Mocha", from the Republic of Yemen and "Java", from Indonesia.

    Genuine Mocha coffee only comes from Yemen, from a small port on the Red Sea of Yemen's west coast known as Al-Makha or Al-Mocha or Al-Mokka or simply, Mocha.
    When combined, the strong, fruity acidity of the Yemen Mocha uplifts the lower-toned profile of Java, while the more mellow but full, rich body of the Java calms the wild, spiciness of the Yemen.

    While many Mocha Java blends will substitute one or more of these beans with less expensive alternates, often sacrificing body and style for price, we do not.

    This is a 100% Authentic Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java blend!

    A darker roast (Full City + or Vienna, will highlight the full rich body. A medium Full City roast will accentuate the spiciness of the Yemen.


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