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Ethiopian Sidamo  Guji - Organic
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    Ethiopian Sidamo Guji - Organic

    Ethiopian Washed Sidamo Guji Southern Ethiopia (East Africa)
    This lot comes from a private broker that deals directly with the local growers, paying great prices for this outstanding coffee!

    Flavor Observations
    Our Ethiopian Sidamo is a wonderful medium bodied coffee. The balanced acidity and solid body give way to an attractive style with subtle hints of mocha, sweetness and a long lingering, rich, mid-palate aftertaste.

    Additional Information
    Guji refers to the local tribe responsible for the coffee. They are a subgroup of a larger people, the Oromos.
    Although these growers have not sold into a cooperative, and the coffee is not Fair Trade Organic, the income earned from their coffee is greater than the Fair Trade minimum.

    Washed refers the post-harvest process of separating the seeds from the fruit before drying. Most important is the intermediate step of controlled fermentation between the pulping and the rinsing and drying phase. Properly washed coffees typical exhibit sweetness, clarity and good acidity

    Traditional Coffee Ceremony
    Ethiopian culture encompasses coffee drinking as a tradition. The Coffee Ceremony is performed by women in alternating neighborhood houses. It is a time to share news and strengthen community ties. It provides a peaceful moment where the blessings of life may be counted.