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Sumatra Mandheling - 'Old School'

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Sumatra Mandheling - 'Old School'
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Sumatra Mandheling - Conventional 'Old School'

Wet Hulled, Sun Dried

A booming cup full of character!

In a break from our recent offerings of Micro Lot Sumatra's, we have decided to bring in a Classic "Old School" Sumatra this time.

By "Old School" we mean that this Sumatran comes from old-growth Sumatra trees above 3600 feet, from one particular growing region - Lake Toba.

This Sumatran coffee is processed using traditional methods (semi-washed and sun dried) and, more importantly, is not over-picked during the sorting.
During the processing and sorting, the beans are gone over to remove defects and inconsistent bean sizes.
This process can be repeated many times and is acknowledged by calling the beans Single Picked, Double picked and even Triple Picked.

When you try a Sumatra coffee that has been Double or Triple picked, you will often get a profile that is very focused, super clean, and often less complex.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing and is part of how we can get micro-lot coffees, but with Sumatran coffee, I sometimes feel that something is missing or lost in the process.

This Sumatra offering is Single Picked. This means you will see beans of different sizes (sometimes peaberries) and some unevenness to the shape.
But...this is where a lot of the character comes from!

Some may view this as simply a lesser grade coffee, but I disagree. To me, it is all about the flavor.
Do the ?Old School? growth trees, conventional processing methods, and Single Pick process make a difference?
In this case, I believe they do!

General Flavor Observations
Sumatra Mandheling - Conventional 'Old School'

This is a profoundly satisfying coffee that is full of enticing aromatics, and a huge body that is spiced and deep.
Rustic, rich, complex, and tons of character!

This is a truly Classic Sumatra experience that you probably have not had in years!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Sumatra Mandheling - Conventional 'Old School'

This wonderful Sumatra has something to offer at every roast level.
I chose the Full City Roast as the default because this will give you the broadest range of characteristics.

However... the darker roasts may provide a profile of which many are more accustomed.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will change the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

With this roast, you are going to get a pure origin profile that is not impacted by the roast. Floral aromatics, graham cracker, and huge herbal qualities. The acidity will be brighter and the finish a bit softer and crisp. The body will still be big and full but will lack some depth. This is a good choice if you like an herbal and spicy quality in your coffee.

Full City Roast (medium roast)

Here you will get the whole spectrum of flavor. Huge, deep body, bakers chocolate, tobacco, forest floor, earthy spice, and aromatics. Soft acidity, smooth lingering flavor, and a creamy mouth feel. This is the roast level that really captured my attention.

Full City (+) Roast

This darker roast with an "oil" on the bean will provide that really booming cup! A more syrupy and silky smoothness, with notes of cedar, tobacco, and spice. Silky smooth and deep!

Vienna Roast

This is the roast that will give you the sense of an even heavier body, dark chocolate tones with spices that are more focused and less herbal. Very mild acidity, solid all the way through to the lingering pointed finish.

French Roast

While you will sacrifice some of the complexity, a French roast will give you that seriously deep, strong flavor that is consistent from start to finish.

Additional Information
Sumatra Mandheling - Conventional 'Old School'

Mandheling is actually the ethnic group that is predominantly involved in the production of the coffee from Sumatra rather than the region of Sumatra.
The correct spelling is Mandailing, but the coffee is called Mandheling out of tradition.

  • Origin: Sumatra
  • Region: Lake Toba
  • Elevation: 3,600 - 5,200 ft
  • Process: Wet hulled, sun dried
  • Production: Conventional, Single Pick

5 Stars
Good Morning Joe,

The Sumatra did not disappoint, it tastes as good as it smells.
Enjoying my third cup now!
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Reviewed by:  from Hendersonville.
5 Stars
I'm overjoyed!
Hi Joe, I'm enjoying your Old School Sumatran immensely.
Every I time I venture away from my favorite Yirgacheffe, I'm overjoyed!

Your coffees make my day. Thank you for offering such variety, informative roast profiles, and the roast of my choice.

Cheers - MM
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia.

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