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Genuine SwissGold Coffee Filter - KF4
Genuine SwissGold Coffee Filter - KF4Genuine SwissGold Coffee Filter - KF4
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    Genuine Swiss Gold KF4 (This product is no longer available)

    Genuine and Available only from Storehouse Coffee Company!!

    We proudly offer you the Swissgold #4 Cone shaped, permanent filters for 6-12 cup coffee brewers.  This filter works perfectly with Technivorm Brewers!

    No other permanent filter on the market compares to the Swissgold crafted 23k Gold plated coffee filter. This filter is actually made with a 23k Gold plated stainless steel micro screen.

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    The Swissgold filter system was developed as an alternative to the paper filter to allow you to get the best tasting coffee possible.
    Due to the absorbent properties of paper, all fats are removed from the liquid being filtered. This means that not only are the coffee-grounds retained, but also all the flavor carriers in the coffee (brewing colloids).

    With the Swissgold Permanent filter, the solids are separated mechanically from the liquid by the pores of the permanent filter preserving the aroma, genuine and original flavor of the coffee. Additionally, the solid gold plating is neutral which eliminates every negative influence to taste resulting in an absolutely pure cup of coffee!

    The Swissgold permanent filter is also dishwasher safe. By cleaning it in the dishwasher your gold filter will stay hygienically clean and ready to use for years to come.

    Be sure to Click the image above for a detailed look at the filtering process.

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    Hawaiian Kona - 100% Pure Extra Fancy
    From a small family owned farm located Kaloko Mauka on Mt. Hualalai in Kona.
    This is a direct relationship coffee and one of the finest Kona's we have ever tasted!

    Rich flavor, exceptional aroma, smooth taste and delicate acidity.

    Flavor Observations
    Extra Fancy Kona is a grade that signifies coffee’s extra large bean size, and smooth, robust, superior flavor with no bitterness and a hint of nuttiness.

    The farm is situated within Lava Zone 4 on the volcanic and seismic hazards map.
    The rich, fertile, volcanic soil is ideal for cultivation of the Kona coffee part of what makes our Kona so exciting; you will taste the difference right away!

    Our Kona is hand-picked, hand sorted, incredibly smooth, rich in flavor, and no bitterness.

    Additional Information
    100% pure Kona Coffee is distinguished from all other coffees by its unique island microclimate and extra care taken by generation after generation of coffee farmers.

    Our Extra Fancy Kona coffee comprises only 1% of all the coffee grown in the world. Exceptional!

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    Sumatra Mandheling - Traditional 'Old School' prep
    In our ongoing search for wonderful and unique coffee, we are excited to bring you this Classic "Old School" Sumatra. Try this Classic Sumatra and experience the “Wow!” that you have not had in years!

    Flavor Observations
    Our Classic Sumatra offers you that distinguished flavor, body and aroma that only a Sumatran can!
    A huge, rich, body, earthy but not musty, herbal, clean floral aromatics and a gigantic, booming cup character that is spiced and deep!

    Additional Information
    By "Old School" we mean that this Sumatran comes from old-growth Sumatra trees above 3600 feet, from one particular growing region, AND is processed using traditional methods (semi-washed and sun dried).

    Today, most Sumatrans are prepared from a pool of coffees from various regions throughout the growing area. Further, they are mixed and combined with a variety of cultivars (a specific plant origin that has persisted through cultivations).
    The point is that, typical Sumatrans that you find today are blended from a variety of coffees from Sumatra, and this is done to promote consistency in flavor characteristics over each crop season.

    While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I find that something is lost in the process. Do the “Old School” growth trees and processing methods make a difference? I believe they do!

    By the way, Mandheling is actually the ethnic group that is predominantly involved with the production of the coffee from Sumatra rather than the region of Sumatra. The correct spelling is Mandailing. But the coffee is called Mandheling out of tradition.

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