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Indonesian Timor

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Washed, Sun Dried, and Hand Picked!
This is a wonderful Organic offering from East Timor.
What we love about Timor coffees is that you get all the great qualities of Indonesian coffees, but with a more mellow experience.

This crop originates from the small mountainous villages of Lauana and Eraulu ion Eastern Timor.
It is grown under massive shade trees which provide an ideal microclimate for this coffee to flourish and thrive and is produced by 80 to 100 farmers on approximately 741 acres in the Timor Highlands.
During harvest time, this Organic coffee is hand picked!

Flavor Observations

Low acidity, round, smooth body, and spicy aromas all come together for a truly wonderful cup.
The overall body is medium to mild, yet still offers a rich, smooth, cocoa-toned flavor and a clean finish.

Our Organic Timor is an interesting and delicious coffee that is well worth a try!

Roast Level / Profile Notes:

We chose the Full City Roast as our default due to the milder body as compared to other Indonesian coffee.

As always, we are happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.

  • City Roast - With this roast, you notice a more herbal quality and spicy aroma; a round, mellow mouth-feel with hints of cocoa, surrounded by a brighter acidity and a crisp finish.

  • Full City Roast - The roast we prefer for this coffee. Really nice milk chocolate notes, mild earthiness, and spice. Smooth and well rounded!

  • Full City (+) Roast - If you are seeking more bakers chocolate and broader body, then this will be a great roast for you. Still very smooth and mellow.

  • Darker Roasts - Our Timor will work at darker roasts, but you will loose much of the subtleties. The darker roasts will create a really smooth, almost silky cup with a milder body than you might expect.

Additional Information

Our Organic Timor is traceable to the small mountainous villages of Lauana and Eraulu and the Farmer Groups that produce the coffee.
These farmer groups were founded in 2000 and have 80 to 100 contributing farmers.
  • Origin: East Timor
  • Region: Ermera
  • Villages: Eraulo & Lauana Farmer Groups
  • Traceable: Farmer Groups
  • Elevation: 3,937 ft and greater
  • Process: Washed, sun dried
  • Arabica Plant Varietal: Hybrid de Timor, Mocha

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