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Yemen Mocca - Sanani

Only 35 lbs. left in stock!
Yemen Mocca - Sanani
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Yemen Mocca - Sanani

Natural/Dry Processed

Rare and Unique!

Our latest shipment of Yemeni coffee has arrived!
While it remains difficult to find quality offerings from Yemen, due to low production and high demand, we have purchased an excellent offering of Yemen Mocca Sanani.

General Flavor Observations
Yemen Mocca - Sanani

If you are looking for a unique coffee with amazing complexity and wildness, then this is the coffee for you!

The aromatics of exotic spice, dry cinnamon, cardamom, and figs are abundant.
The acidity is nice and winey. The body is quite full and rustic yet surprisingly smooth.
A range of attributes are present from chocolate, caramel, figs, Turkish apricots, and strawberry, depending on the roast level chosen.

Roast Level Profile Notes
Yemen mocca - Sanani

We love the complexity of Yemen coffees and it was difficult to choose between City and Full City for the recommended roast level.
In the end, we chose Full City because we felt a City roast might be a bit intense if you are new to Yemeni coffees.

** Please note that light and medium roasted Yemen coffee will have a very uneven bean surface that can appear mottled and irregular.
This is perfectly normal and is a result of the processing and drying methods.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will change the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

If you are familiar with coffees from Yemen and seek to maximize the full range of complexity the coffee can offer, then this is the right roast to choose. You will find a complex blend of cocoa, figs, dates, strawberry and even a bit of blueberry. Yemen Mocca Sanani is absolutely wonderful in this light roast.

Full City Roast (medium roast)

Prominent notes of chocolate, fig, and strawberry. The body is full and round, perfectly balanced with a fruity acidity. The finish is smooth with lingering spice; complex flavors and aromatics abound.

Full City (+) Roast

This roast level will definitely focus on the dark chocolate, deeper date and red fruit notes. The body is more full and deep and the finish smooth.

Vienna Roast

This roast has that solid dark roast quality, yet remains very smooth. Red fruit tones remain but are muted. The body is heavy with abundant dark chocolates. The finish is long and sharp.

French Roast

This roast is pushing the value point as it will nearly eclipse the characteristics of this fine Yemen Mocca Sanani. In all honesty, we can't recommend a French roast.

Additional Information
Yemen Mocca - Sanani

Un-roasted Yemen coffee beans are small, round, irregular and olive green to yellow in color.
The coffee is grown and processed in much the same way as it has been over the years with little to no improvisation.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it contributes greatly to what makes Yemeni coffee so wonderfully complex and intriguing.
The coffee is naturally processed (dried with the fruit still attached to the beans) and milling is done conventionally by millstone or other "primitive" methods (accounting for the rough and irregular beans).
  • Origin: Yemen
  • Region: Sanani
  • Processing: Natural and Dry Hulled
  • Growing Altitude: 6,562 - 8,202 feet

5 Stars
5 stars
One of the very best versions of the sanani/matari regional coffees I've experienced. A nice feature of this company is that they offer you their expert opinion on what is the best type of roast for each coffee, but they still give the buyer the option of what roast level they would prefer. A very nice feature. Finally, the company's packaging and shipping process is very efficient. 5 stars across the board!
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Reviewed by:  from southport.
5 Stars
Superb coffee & service
YM has a delicious, rich flavor that (IMHO) is enhanced by a darker roast, giving it more punch, yet still remaining smooth with its distinctive chocolate-y aftertaste. I purchased it locally for years as an Italian roast, but the shop's owner (a superb roaster) passed away suddenly. His shop changed hands and the new owners didn't have his skill at roasting or customer service integrity, something I became aware of when my normal 5lb purchase came out burnt. It was very much a too bad, so sad you spent $100+ and don't like the way your coffee tastes. And guess what? That was the last of it we won't be carrying it any more. So I'm happy to have found Storehouse Coffee. They genuinely care about flavor and customer satisfaction. I purchased several roast levels initially & was touched by the extra darker samples included in the package and the offer to roast at that level if I preferred it, despite the option not being listed on the web page. No worries though. Vienna corresponds to the Italian roast I used to purchase and I now have that smooth, rich, chocolate-y with punch delicious cup of coffee again. And barring the PO having issues, the coffee arrives within a few days of ordering. Woot! Buy with confidence, you won't be disappointed.
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Reviewed by:  from CT.

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