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Bolivia Peaberry Micro Lot - Organic

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Bolivia Peaberry Micro Lot - Organic
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Bolivia Peaberry - Micro Lot

Organic Peaberry, Wet Washed, Dried on Raised Beds

Exotic, Sparkling, Chocolaty

This is a superb Bolivian Microlot from Colonia Siete Estrellas.
Siete Estrellas (Seven Stars) farm is located high in the Bolivian mountains at over 5,250 ft., in the Caranavi region.
This exclusive Peaberry coffee is 100% Certified Organic, and produced using all natural practices for fertilization, pest control, and more.

This is a Microlot offering, which means the coffee was only produced in very small quantities. The quality and care used to cultivate the flavor of this coffee is clearly apparent.

General Flavor Observations
Bolivia Peaberry - Micro Lot

The aroma after grinding and while brewing fills the room with the exotic scents of spice, cocoa, and vanilla.

The body is soft and mild, with round hints of almond marzipan, tropical spice, and hints of mango; particularly at lighter roasts.
The overall mouth-feel is crisp and smooth, with notes of almond and brown sugar.

A nice range of complexity is noticeable at the peak of the cup in the form of soft mango and spice. The finish is crisp with lingering notes of cocoa.
I should note that, as the cup cools, the complexity and body will soften but the chocolaty aftertaste becomes more pronounced.

This is a very, very nice coffee for those who want a milder, softer bodied coffee that still offers a nice complexity.

Roast Level Profile Notes
Bolivia Peaberry - Micro Lot

I enjoyed this wonderful Bolivian Microlot at both a City roast (for the complexity) and a Full City roast (for the chocolate).
Both have their benefits, so please check out the profile notes below when making your roast level choice.

As always, we are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.

City Roast (light roast) - Preferred

City roast will provide the most complexity in a softer body, with a brighter finish. The mouth-feel will be smooth and round, with notes of cocoa nibs, a sweet nuttiness, and spice. The finish will taper quickly with notes of tropical fruit and lingering cocoa.
This is a great choice to get the most out of the Origin Characteristics in a a milder cup.

Full City Roast (medium roast)

Full City is a great roast level for this coffee. The body will still be soft with a wonderful round mouth-feel. Notes of sweet marzipan and chocolate are prominent on the front, with spice and effervescence at the peak. The finish will be perky with notes of vanilla and brown sugar that increase as the cup cools. Excellent!

Full City (+) Roast

If you want a little less brightness, more of a honey sweetness, and more chocolate, then this is the roast for you!
The mouth-feel will be juicy and smooth with notes of honey almond. The body will tend toward medium, while remaining soft, with mild spice at the cups peak. The finish is long and chocolaty, with hints of peach. Very nice!

Vienna Roast

A Vienna Roast will provide a perceived deeper body and a more silky mouth feel. However, this is still a mild bodied coffee so don't expect a deep booming cup. The chocolate notes become more bittersweet, and the acidity is very well tempered, losing most of the fruit. The finish will be pointed and taper quickly, with dark chocolate lingering on the palate.

French Roast

Not recommended.

Additional Information
Bolivia Peaberry - Micro Lot

This high quality Bolivian Microlot coffee is the result of hands on care and cultivation by Colonia Siete Estrellas. The high altitude, soil, climate aid in the slow and profoundly wonderful profile of the coffee.

Peaberries ("caracol" in Spanish, also called caracolillo in Central America) are roughly 10%-15% of coffee beans that fuse into a single oblong bean inside the cherry, rather than separating into the two typical bean "halves", also known as "flat berries".

They have a unique flavor, both because of the concentration of flavors in the cherry while growing, and because they roll around more evenly inside our coffee roaster

This coffee has been brought you by an importer who is dedicated to high quality Bolivian coffees.

  • Origin: Bolivia
  • Region: Caranavi
  • Traceable: Siete Estrellas Community
  • Elevation: 5,250 ft. or greater
  • Process: Wet Washed
  • Drying: Sun Dried on Raised Beds
  • Arabica Varietals: Tipica (20%), Caturra (30%) Icatu (20 %), Catuai (30%)

5 Stars
Harmony in a cup.
This month marks my 5th anniversary as a Storehouse customer, and I'm so glad i discovered Joe and his consistently superior coffees. I've never had a bad bag of coffee from Storehouse, but I do have my favorites, such as offerings from Sumatra, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea. However, this month I tried the Bolivian Lucio Mamani, and what a great choice it was! The thing I like about this coffee is that nothing dominates the taste; it's just mellow and well-rounded, the kind of coffee that is great any time of day - morning, noon, or night. I ordered the Full City roast, which is superb, but I believe this coffee would also be delicious at a darker roast level. If you like good, rich coffee flavor, with nothing dominating, and everything blending together in perfect harmony, go mellow, and give this Bolivian a try.
Reviewed by:  from Edneyville, NC .
5 Stars
I adore this coffee. I tried many of the central and south American coffees and this is the one I return to again and again. Very flavorful.
Reviewed by:  from Winston Salem.
5 Stars
Bolivia love!
This coffee is delicious. Tried at the Full city + roast as both a pour over and an espresso. Both were amazing! Don't miss this one.
Helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Philly.

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