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Brazil Legender Peaberry

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Brazil Legender Peaberry
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Brazil - Legender Especial Peaberry

Peaberry, Natural, Small Farms, Unique

Medium body, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Complex

There are several features that make this Brazil Peaberry coffee such a great find.
  • Small Farm traceable to Micro-Regions: Machado, Poco Fundo, Campestre (most coffees from Brazil are grown on large estates)
  • Altitude: Higher than average growing altitudes provide slower development and better quality
  • Environmentally Friendly: All farms are fully committed to environmentally friendly practices
  • Peaberry: Unique in that the coffee cherry has only one small, round bean, rather than the usual two
The growers are extremely dedicated and passionate about their coffee and it truly shows in every aspect of the cup.

Here's a sample of what some of the growers have to say about their coffee:
- "We love coffee, because every lot and every bag, houses someone's story"
- "When you taste our coffee, you take home a little piece of that story"
- "We are coffee lovers, and we love what we do!"
- "What makes Legender Coffees so amazing is the quality and excellence we cherish in every stage"
- "Those who taste our coffee know and agree"

General Flavor Observations
Brazil - Legender Especial Peaberry

The overall profile offers flavor attributes including chocolate, cherry, and a brown sugar sweetness.
The complexity and attributes will change somewhat with the various Roast Levels (more details below).

The aroma from freshly ground beans is very inviting, with a promise of chocolate and a mild spiciness.
In the cup, a medium and round body presents a smooth, chocolaty mouth-feel, with additional notes ranging from cherry, to citrus, to raisin, depending on the Roast Level.
A pleasing brightness (acidity) clings to a clean and sweet finish that leaves you wanting more.

No matter the Roast level you choose, this Brazil Legender Peaberry is "Joy in the Cup"!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Brazil - Legender Especial Peaberry

My recommended roast level is Full City for the best balance of attributes and roast.
However, each Roast Level will provide an amazing experience, so don't hesitate to choose your favorite.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will alter the profile.

City Roast (light roast)

Mild body, cocoa, malt and citrus will all be quite noticeable at this roast level
The cup will be brighter, with a sparkling and sweet finish with lingering notes of cocoa.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

Perfect for the best balance of attributes. Medium-bodied and round, with nice notes of chocolate and brown sugar. There is an interesting complexity of mild spice and nuts, with notes of cherry at the peak.
The finish will be mildly bright and crisp, with a lingering sweetness.

Full City (+) Roast

The mouth-feel will be silkier with notes of dark chocolate and raisins.
The body will have more depth and the fruit tone will become more like a juicier dark cherry. The acidity softens and the finish is sweet and lingering.

Vienna Roast

Deep body with bittersweet chocolate and toffee notes.
The mouth-feel will be quite silky, the finish very pointed, quickly tapering to notes of dark stone fruit.

French Roast

Not recommended.

Additional Information
Brazil - Legender Especial Peaberry

Founded in 2012, Legender has always been focused on offering the best coffees grown in the regions of Machado, Poco Fundo, Campestre and Sao Joao da Mata (municipalities of South of Minas Gerais).

The coffees are grown in small farms called Sitios, which are located at an average altitude of 3,937 ft. above sea level, 1,640 ft. higher as compared to the normal growing elevations in Brazil.

"From Sitios of Sul de Minas to the world – Legender Coffees"
  • Producer: Legender Especial/li>
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Region: Sul de Minas
  • Traceable: Micro-Regions of Machado, Poco Fundo, Campestre
  • Elevation: 3,608 - 3,937 ft.
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietals: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai

5 Stars
One of my favorites of Joe's selection here... this coffee packs a punch with just so much sweet flavor.
Every time I order, this is one of them I always come back to.
A real nice complex coffee at a Full City
Reviewed by:  from Miami.

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