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Cameroon - Oku Valley

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Cameroon - Oku Valley
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Cameroon - Oku Valley - Boyo

Shade Grown ? Organically Grown

Full bodied, yet mellow, with nice fruit

While searching for a new and unique African coffee, I decided to look to West Africa.
I had heard some great things about the Boyo variety, which led to this particular Cameroon coffee from the Oku Valley.

The coffee is shade grown under orange and banana trees using natural, organic, methods for fertilization.
This coffee is always harvested and fully washed the same day with fresh spring water, then dried on raised beds.

This lot of Cameroon coffee is a wonderful and unique offering from West Africa!

General Flavor Observations
Cameroon - Oku Valley - Boyo

This is a very full-bodied coffee yet somehow manages to come across as very mellow.
The aroma is very fragrant and inviting.
In the cup, you will find plenty of chocolate and toffee on the forefront (perhaps caramel at lighter roasts), and very nice stone fruit sweetness (plum / dark cherry) on the finish.
There is a sweet brightness to the finish as well, but more subtle than most African coffees.

Well balanced, deep body, sweet fruit, pleasant acidity, all in all, this coffee is a real treat and makes for a great Single Origin Espresso!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Cameroon - Oku Valley - Boyo

I found that a Full City roast appealed to me the most for the best balance between body and sweetness, but Full City (+) has a lot to offer, particularly if you want more depth.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will alter the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

This roast level will be adventurous; think berry cobbler. The flavor will be sweet, with a much brighter acidity; hints of chocolate with a caramel finish.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

I really like this coffee at a Full City roast. It has a full, deep body, with a mellow mouth-feel and notes of chocolate, toffee, and stone fruit. The finish has a mild brightness that is clean and sweet.

Full City (+) Roast (medium dark roast)

This roast level is where the body becomes noticeably deeper and more silky.
The stone fruit tones become juicier and highlighted by chocolate and caramel. The acidity softens slightly, with a mellow and sweet finish.

Vienna Roast

A Vienna Roast will create a syrupy and silky body with notes of dark chocolate throughout. The stone fruit tones are solidly dark cherry; the acidity is low, and the finish pointed. This would go nicely with dessert to offset sweetness.

French Roast

I can't really recommend a French Roast for this coffee.

Additional Information
Cameroon - Oku Valley - Boyo

Oku is a subdivision of the Bui division in the north west region of Cameroon. Standing over the Oku Valley is Mount Kilum (aka Mount Oku), which at 9,879 ft. and is the second highest peak in West Africa.

The coffee is grown between 5,906 and 7,218 ft. and is shade grown under orange and banana trees, and using natural, organic, methods for fertilization.
The majority of pollination is done by bees that come from the nearby exotic Kilum forest, where world famous white honey is harvested.

Coffee production is primarily done through small holder farms ranging in size from .5 to 7.4 acres. The coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Oku at altitudes ranging from 5,5477 to about 7,218 ft. above sea level.

  • Traceable: Small Farm Holders
  • Origin: Cameroon
  • Region: Oku Valley
  • Processing: Ripe cherries are carefully picked and washed the same day
  • Drying: Sun dried on Raised Beds
  • Elevation: 5,906 ? 7,218 ft.
  • Varietal: Cameroon Boyo

5 Stars
Fiancées favorite! - seems fitting to share a personal review on behalf of her as Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I love coffee, brew a pot every morning, am loyal to StoreHouse ever since my buddy introduced me a few years ago, have enjoyed numerous types, and so forth. My fiancée, on the other hand, isn't as excited about the lifestyle. She more enjoys waking to the wonderful aromas and observing my enjoyment... Every once in a while she'll try a sip or two when, I guess, she gets jealous enough. So, one day I open a fresh bag, brew a pot, pour a cup and jump in the shower. As I get out I see the cup is gone off the sink...there she is sitting on the couch drinking my coffee. I say,'' morning babe, are you enjoying 'your' cup of coffee?" She say's," This is the best coffee I've ever had! It's so smooth, what is it?" I said," baby, that's Cameroon Oku Valley." Long story short, we've been enjoying coffee together quite a bit now. She's happy, I'm happy, and now we're out, so I have to re-up...Maybe instead of roses this V-Day, get her a pound of Cameroon Oku Valley:) Roast- Full City. Enjoy, Shea PS- I love it too.
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Reviewed by:  from St.Louis, MO.
5 Stars
Loved this at full city plus as both a pour over and espresso! Silky smooth and delicious!
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Reviewed by:  from philly.
5 Stars
Cameroon - excellent choice!
After my last two delicious bags of Kenyan and Sumatran, I decided to try the Cameroon Oku Valley.
I must say it definitely is a winner as well.
Good, mellow, balanced blend, that remained consistently good “to the last drop” (to borrow a phrase from another coffee maker).

Now my dilemma is deciding which of your fantastic brews to enjoy next. Leaning towards Mexico...
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Reviewed by:  from Hendersonville, NC.

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