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El Salvador - Santa Ana - Honeyed

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El Salvador - Santa Ana - Honeyed
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El Salvador Santa Ana

Pulp Natural, Honey Process

Notes of milk chocolate, cherry, and toffee

This is an excellent El Salvador coffee that provides a well-balanced and consistent cup quality.

Santa Ana is a collection of coffees from several producers in the Santa Ana region of Apaneca, LLamatepeq.
The coffees grown in this region, mostly bourbon and pacas, create the Santa Ana brand.

General Flavor Observations
El Salvador Santa Ana

This unique El Salvador coffee offers wonderful, yet subtle, fruit tones, complexity, and a sweet finish.
The very special profile is created through the Pulp Natural process, a type of semi-washing or cross between Natural and Washed (see more below).

The body is medium to full, depending on the roast level. The finish is soft with a mild, fruity acidity.
The mouth-feel is round and creamy, and the aroma captivating.

If you are searching for a unique coffee from Central America, then you will be well pleased with our El Salvador Santa Ana!

Roast Level Profile Notes
El Salvador Santa Ana

My personal favorite roast level for El Salvador Santa Ana coffee is Full City for the best balance between fruit and complexity.

As always, we are happy to roast to the level you prefer.

City Roast (light roast)

This lighter roast will provide a very nice, clean cup, with a sweet, soft mouth-feel, strawberry-like fruit tone, and a crisp finish. This profile will be a bit lighter, with some hints of nuttiness. A nice choice to experience true Origin Characteristics.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

This is the roast level that balances and rounds out all the attributes very nicely. A creamy mouth-fell, with notes of toffee flow into a brown sugar sweetness, a milk chocolate body and finally winds its way into notes of red cherry. The acidity is mild and tapers quickly into a soft, round finish. Yum!

Full City (+) Roast

A wonderful transformation to the profile occurs with a Full City (+) roast. The caramelized sugars create a mouth-feel that is silky smooth, with a caramel sweetness and longer finish that is highlighted by notes of dark-red cherry. This is a great profile, and perfect for those who prefer a bit darker roast.

Darker Roasts

Darker roasts are not recommended. I believe the best attributes of this coffee will be overwhelmed by the darker roast levels.

Additional Information
El Salvador Santa Ana

So what is a Pulp Natural or Honeyed Coffee?

A Natural Processed coffee allows the coffee to dry with the fruit and mucilage still on the bean.
The Washed Process removes the fruit prior to drying.

The Pulp Natural, or Honey Process is sort of in between.

Much like washed coffees, the outer skin of the fruit is washed off leaving the sticky mucilage on the bean.
The coffee is subsequently fermented to remove the mucilage from the parchment, then it is spread out to dry.

As the parchment dries, it takes on an amber color from which the term honey is derived.

The goal is to provide more complexity and a deeper body to the coffee, while in turn, preserving the clarity and fruit tones.
While this type of processing takes more time and care, it is well worth the effort.

This wonderful El Salvador Santa Ana is a perfect example of how the Pulp Natural processing method can yield an extraordinary cup of Joe!

  • Origin: El Salvador
  • Region: Santa Ana
  • Traceable: Region of Santa Ana in Apaneca, LLamatepeq
  • Elevation: 3,609 - 4,101 ft.
  • Process: Pulp Natural - Honeyed
  • Drying: Sun Dried
  • Varietal: Bourbon and Pacas

5 Stars
Worth a try!
Used a full city + roast and tried this as an espresso. Worked out great! Super smooth.
Reviewed by:  from Philly.

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