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Java Taman Dadar

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Java Taman Dadar
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Organic Indonesian Java

Rainforest Alliance - Wet Hulled, Sun Dried on Bamboo Mat

Vanilla, Syrupy Dark Chocolate, Cherry

If you enjoy complex and full flavored Indonesian coffees, then you must try this Java Taman Dadar!
In the local Javanese language Taman Dadar means "Flower Garden."

This fantastic Java coffee is traceable to smallholder farmers in the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas on the Ijen Plateau in eastern Java.
The Organic and Rainforest certifications enable the farmers to receive a premium for their production of this exotic and amazing coffee.

Knowing that this coffee is traceable to the specific farmers, you can be certain of the positive impact your purchase has on their lives.

General Flavor Observations
Organic RFA Java Taman Dadar

I was impressed by the exceptional qualities of this fine Indonesian Java.
The aroma is full of exotic spices, with a flavor profile that is complex and varied across the roast levels.
The body is full with a syrupy mouth feel, the acidity is very low, and the finish is lingering.

The general cup profile is complex, and rich, with notes of bakers chocolate, hints of vanilla and dark cherry; all encompassed by a really nice spiciness or forest floor that makes this such an outstanding coffee.
This Organic Rainforest Alliance Java is a true standout among the best coffees that Indonesia can offer!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Organic RFA Java Taman Dadar

My favorite roast levels are Full City (for complexity) and Full City (+) (for boldness).
No matter which roast level is chosen, this Java Taman Dadar will provide you with an amazing and complex experience.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how the various roast levels will change the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

City roast is great for experiencing more herbaceous notes of spice, pine, and mild dark red fruit and a brighter finish. Keep in mind this will be a rather intense experience, but quite wonderful.

Full City Roast (medium roast)

The perfect balance between roast and origin characteristics; light enough to reveal all the attributes and complexities; dark enough to bring out the chocolate and nutty qualities. Full, rich body, and a wonderful spicy finish.

Full City (+) Roast

Our second favorite roast level for this coffee. Focused dark chocolate, deeper body, syrupy mouth feel, complex spice, with a long finish.

Vienna Roast

Heavier, deep, body with bitter-sweet dark chocolate tones and an extremely tempered acidity. The finish is very smooth.

French Roast

While you will sacrifice some of the spiciness and complexity, a French roast will provide that bold 'after dinner' coffee that will provide a satisfying and lingering quality.

Additional Information
Organic RFA Java Taman Dadar

The majority of coffee production on Java is controlled by the Indonesian government.
These "Estate Java's" grown and produced using mono-cultural farming practices (single crop growing and production).

The smallholder farmers of the Ijen Plateau, who grow this Java Taman Dadar, operate independently and differently than estate grown coffee.

This is an important note as their coffee trees are interspersed with Erythrina, Albizia, and Leucaena trees, as well as other crops such as paprika beans and avocado.
This not only provides shade and habitat, but also serves as a food source for the farmer's livestock.
The livestock, in turn, provides natural fertilizer.
  • Region: Ijen Plateau in Eastern Java, Indonesia
  • Traceable: Smallholder's from Curah Tatal & Kayumas villages
  • Elevation: 2,900 to 5,200 ft
  • Process: Wet-hulled, sun dried on bamboo mats
  • Soil Type: Volcanic
  • Arabica Variety: S 795 (A Typica Hybrid)

5 Stars
Full City (+) Roast
Hi Joe. Just responding to your note on my receipt. I have really enjoyed the Monsooned Malabar and the Java Taman Dadar and your roast that goes a little beyond full city roast but not as far as a Vienna roast. You said it was medium dark. I really like that roast. Love the richness, scent and taste. Thanks for keeping track of the roasts you use. Feel free to let me know if you ever have a suggestion on a roast level that you think I would enjoy. Stay well!
Reviewed by:  from MI.
5 Stars
My new favorite!
Really enjoying the Java Taman Dadar - might be my new favorite!

Thanks for such exceptional quality and service!
Reviewed by:  from MI.

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