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What Joe is Brewing #1

Posted by Joe on 5/30/2018 to What Joe is Brewing
What Joe is Brewing #1
I am often asked is "What is my Favorite Coffee"?

While I do have some coffees I prefer, the truth is, I don't drink the same coffee every day.
We generally keep between 20-30 varieties of Single Origin coffees in stock at any given time, and this gives me plenty of opportunity to try something different.

I thought it would be a lot more fun and interesting to share the coffee that I am currently drinking.

This week, I have chosen three very different coffees:

  • Mexican Chiapas - Full City (+) Roast - Love the chocolate tones and hints of peach.
  • Java Jampit - Full City Roast - A great smooth bodied Indonesian with nice spice.
  • Yemen Matari - Full City Roast - Extremely rare and limited. Yemeni Coffees are one of a kind.

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