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What Joe is Brewing #3

Posted by Joe on 6/26/2018 to What Joe is Brewing
What Joe is Brewing #3
Hey everyone,

We have some really nice new coffees we have just posted to the website (week of 06/25/18).
As you might guess, that is what I have brewed up for myself this week!

  • Organic Papua New Guinea - Full City Roast:
    • It has been a while since we have had a really nice Organic PNG in stock, and I'm glad to have this wonderful Purosa Estate offering in house again. I personally know the family that has invested into the rejuvenation of this estate and the huge positive impact they have made to the lives of the farmer's and their families. Not only that, but this is simply an outstanding coffee. Creamy body, low acidity, sweet, chocolate overtones, and a nice subtle spice. If you enjoy great coffee from Papua New Guinea, then don't miss out on this one!
  • Guatemalan Huehuetenango - Full City Roast:
    • In most cases, when I think of HueHue coffees, I think lighter body, delicate fruits and brighter acidity. Well, this incredible HueHue is definitely not that coffee. This, along with the remarkable back story, is what captured my interest. Very full-bodied with notes of Toffee, Almonds, and Dried Fruit. The finish is deep and Chocolaty. This coffee does great across the spectrum of roast levels, so check it out and enjoy!
  • Colombian Dulima - Full City Roast:
    • This is another great coffee that I haven't carried since 2016, and I had forgotten just how good it is!  This is one of those Colombians that is perfectly centered and balanced between body and acidity.  It isn't too bright, nor too heavy; just the right amount of each, with hints of red fruit and warm chocolate nuttiness.  This profile is achieved by a strict, consistent blending of coffees from Huila and Tolima. If you are fan of Colombian coffees (particularly from these regions) you will be well pleased!
As we are preparing to celebrate our countries Independence, I have put 8 coffees on special from now through July 4th.
A couple of them are low in stock, so don't miss out.

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Until next time!

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