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Kenya AA - Select Plus

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Kenya AA - Select Plus
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Kenya AA - Select Plus

Auction Lot, Shade Grown, Washed, Sun Dried on Raised Beds

The highest grade offering of this East African classic!

This auction lot Kenya is the highest grade of Kenyan coffee available. The bean size is huge, coming in at a 17/18 screen size. This is the largest bean size available and garners the AA rating.

This "Best in Class" coffee is also rated as "Select Plus" due to the stringent double fermentation process which minimizes defects, and emphasizes and enhances the coffee's complexity and flavor profile.

This is an outstanding and unique coffee offering from Kenya!

General Flavor Observations
Kenya AA - Select Plus

For this offering of Kenyan coffee, I was specifically looking for exceptional acidity and brightness, with a fruity, clean, yet complex profile.
All of these attributes, and more, are present.
Depending on the chosen Roast Level, you will find a range of everything from berries, to stone fruit, to sweet citrus.

The aroma is very fragrant, and the body is full and round, with a crisp, winy finish.
The overall profile is sweet and mellow with a wide range of fruit tones.

Roast Level Profile Notes
Kenya AA - Select Plus

It was a challenge deciding between Full City and Full City (+) for my preferred roast level.
In the end, I settled on Full City (+) because it brought out a more velvety mouth-feel and the darker fruit tones.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast will alter the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

This roast level will provide a lighter body, with a bright, snappy, white wine-like finish. The mouth-feel will be round with notes of Graham cracker, prominent apricot on the forefront and citrus on the finish. If you want to experience pure Origin Characteristics, then this is a good choice.

Full City Roast (medium roast)

Full City is a very well balanced roast level for this coffee. The body will be full and nicely rounded. The fruit tones are reminiscent of stone fruit (apricot, red berries, and plum). The acidity is more noticeable on the finish with a mellow red wine-like crispness that highlights the red fruit tones.

Full City (+) Roast (medium dark roast) - Preferred

This roast level is where the mouth-feel becomes noticeably more velvety.
The body will deepen a bit, and the fruit tones become juicier and more currant-like (black currant and dark-red berry). The acidity softens slightly, with a mellow and sweet red-wine finish.

Vienna Roast

A Vienna Roast will create a syrupy and silky body with notes of dark chocolate throughout. The black currant fruit tones prevail, the acidity low, and the finish pointed. This would go nicely with dessert to offset sweetness.

French Roast

I can't really recommend a French Roast for this coffee.

Additional Information
Kenya AA - Select Plus

This lot of Kenya AA Select Plus is produced by a group of small farm holders in the central Kenyan farmlands surrounding Mt. Kenya. The individual family lots are consolidated at the local mill where they undergo a stringent double fermentation method.

Following the fermentation process, the coffee is sun dried on raised beds and transported to the Nairobi Coffee Exchange where it is graded for bean size, cupped for quality, and then sold at auction for a premium price.

The Nairobi Coffee Exchange auctions operate on a quality based payment system where the small group farmers can access a wide range of international buyers who outbid one another for the "perfect cup."
This system is good for the farmers, and good for us too!

  • Producer: Small Farm Holders
  • Region: MT. Kenya, Central Kenya
  • Processing: Washed
  • Drying: Sun dried on Raised Beds
  • Elevation: 4,600 ? 6,500 ft.
  • Varietal: Mixed (including SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian)

5 Stars
Great African coffee
One of the best African coffees bar none.
Reviewed by:  from New Jersey.

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