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Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini

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Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini
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Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini

Triple Washed, Shade Grown, Sun Dried

Velvety Body, Grapefruit, Raisin Sweetness, Black Tea

This is a small lot (only 40 lbs.) of traditional triple-washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya.

Meticulously produced by smallholder farmers organized around Othaya Cooperative Society's Kamoini Factory (washing station).
The flavor profile is classically Kenyan with bright grapefruit acidity, delicate raisin sweetness, and a black-tea-like finish.

Each sip yields more juiciness and complexity; a top-notch Kenyan offering not to be missed!

General Flavor Observations
Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini

This is a phenomenal coffee!
The first sips present a very nice grapefruit and lime acidity, that is quickly balanced by delicate raisin sweetness.
As the cups cools, notes of candied orange and malty milk chocolate appear.

The wonderfully complex profile is surrounded by a velvety body and black tea mouth-feel

Roast Level Profile Notes
Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini

I recommend our Full City or Full City (+) Roasts for this coffee.
However, this coffee will work well across most of our Roast Levels, depending on the profile you are looking for.
We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how the various roast levels will change the flavor profile:

City Roast (light roast)

City roast will provide a lighter body, with a crisp finish.
The mouth-feel will be juicy, with notes of allspice, nutmeg, and grapefruit on the finish.
This will be a crisp and complex cup; a great choice for those who prefer a lighter roast.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

Full City roast offers the best balance of flavors and complexity.
The body is velvety and nicely rounded with a tea-like mouth-feel. The fruit tones are reminiscent of sweet Bosc pears, and a touch of brown sugar.
The acidity is more noticeable on the finish with a nice crispness that highlights with cranberry and lime acidity.

Full City (+) Roast

Full City (+) roast is where you pick up more prominent notes of dark chocolate and juiciness.
The mouth-feel is velvety, and the body deepens. Fruit tones emerge as dried figs, or plums, with a nice raisin sweetness.
The finish offers a pink grapefruit/lemonade acidity on a cushion of dark chocolate.

Vienna Roast

Vienna roast will create a syrupy and silky body, with a strong base of dark chocolate throughout.
Spiced wine and cranberry sauce are the predominate fruit tones, with hints of mulled cider, orange peel, pear, and plum.
The acidity is tempered, and the finish pointed.
This would go nicely with dessert.

French Roast

Not recommended.

Additional Information
Kenya - Nyeri Kamoini

The Kamoini factory is one of about 20 cooperative-run washing stations under the Othaya cooperative umbrella in Nyeri county, using the Ichamama river as its water source.
Established in 1987, around 600 active members in the region contribute their ripe cherry to Kamoini, which is processed on site.

The triple washing process involves a pre-fermentation soak to sort out floaters and a post-fermentation soak that cleans the coffee and improves the consistency.

Kamoini's position in Nyeri could hardly be better for coffee cultivation. The Aberdares Mountains erupt from central Kenya, just west of the mountain that bears the country's name.
The forested mountain range also happens to be fertile soil for coffee, among other crops, and the coffees from western Nyeri county benefit from its particular ecosystem.
  • Country: Kenya
  • Region: Mt. Kenya, Central Kenya
  • Traceable: Small Farm Lots
  • Elevation: 5,985 - 6,500 ft.
  • Process: Triple Washed
  • Drying: Sun Dried on raised beds
  • Grade: AB
  • Arabica Variety: Mix of Varietals including SL28 and SL34

5 Stars
Great African coffee
One of the best African coffees bar none.
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Reviewed by:  from New Jersey.

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