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Kiel Blend

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Kiel Blend
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Kiel Blend

Washed and Natural Process Blend

Pronounced Body, Spice, Creamy

This is a special blend for a friend of ours in Memphis, designed with Dark Roasting in mind.
The blend is a combination of Sumatra Ache and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, which are excellent counterparts in a blend.

Our Kiel Blend offers a deep and full-bodied coffee, with a snappy, lingering finish.
The mouthfeel is silky and big, with tons of depth, spice, and character.
The overall cup will offer a forest spiciness, bittersweet chocolate, and a creamy finish with notes of red berries.

The default Roast Level is Vienna, for the full, intended profile. However, if you find a Vienna roast to be a bit intense, we also offer this excellent blend in a Full City (+) Roast.


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