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What is a Micro lot coffee?

Within the coffee farm there is a section of trees that has produced coffee that is exceptionally good; better than the coffee produced from the rest of the trees.
The coffee cherries from these trees are picked, sorted, processed, and sold separately.
A Micro Lot offering will represent the best coffee a farm or farmer has to offer.

Limited quantity, limited availability, limited production, simply the Best of the Best.

Micro-Lot Coffee

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Bolivia Peaberry Micro Lot - Organic
Bolivia Peaberry Micro Lot - Organic
Average Rating(3)
An exclusive Organic Peaberry coffee. A nice range of complexity, soft mango and spice, with notes of almond, brown sugar and cocoa.
Colombia - Nari¤o Aponte Honey
Colombia - Nari¤o Aponte Honey
Average Rating(2)
A very special Reserve Coffee from a group of Smallholder Farmers. Wonderfully sweet with notes that range from raspberry and cherry, to peach and mango, depending on the roast level.
Costa Rica - Tarrazu Dota
Costa Rica - Tarrazu Dota
Average Rating(1)
Limited Offering - Sweet and clean, with stone fruit sweetness, plums, nectarines, apricots, all balanced by the caramelized brown sugars and honey