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What is a Micro lot coffee?

Within the coffee farm there is a section of trees that has produced coffee that is exceptionally good; better than the coffee produced from the rest of the trees.
The coffee cherries from these trees are picked, sorted, processed, and sold separately.
A Micro Lot offering will represent the best coffee a farm or farmer has to offer.

Limited quantity, limited availability, limited production, simply the Best of the Best.

Micro-Lot Coffee

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Bolivia Microlot - Lucio Mamani
Bolivia Microlot - Lucio Mamani
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Organic Practices. Medium-soft body, with round hints of almond, spice, and hints of exotic fruit; crisp and smooth, with notes of nuts and sweet chocolate.
Yemen Mocca Peaberry - Sana'a
Yemen Mocca Peaberry - Sana'a
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Rare Yemen Peaberry - If you are looking for a more traditionally rustic Yemen coffee profile with complexity and spice, this is it!