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Nicaragua - Rio Coco

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Nicaragua - Rio Coco
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Nicaragua Río Coco

Organic, Fair Trade, Fully Washed

Creamy, Sweet, Aromatic

This coffee is from Corcasan Coop, located in the San Juan del Rio Coco municipality.
The Coop was founded in 1994 with 84 members, and while membership has increased, the coop remains comprised of small family farmers.
Most farmers have small plots of land, about 7 acres on average, and most of the labor on the farm is completed by family members, and all coffee cherries are selectively handpicked and sorted.

The members of Corcasan understand that the environment is critical to their work and make every effort to maintain the local biodiversity wherever possible.

This is an Organic, Fair Trade coffee that offers a soft-bodied and easy going cup with a very pleasing profile that is well suited for any time of day.

General Flavor Observations
Nicaragua Río Coco

This Nicaraguan offers a clean, and well-balanced cup; Mild-bodied with a nice, easy sweetness.
The cup is very aromatic, with a wonderful nutty quality that tapers into a long-lasting, cocoa finish.

Depending on the roast level, you can pickup on notes or caramel, toffee, and lemon zest.

Roast Level Profile Notes
Nicaragua Río Coco

I found our Full City roast provided the best balance of roast and origin characteristics; however City and Full City (+) were very tempting as well.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how changing the roast level will alter the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

This roast level will yield a very herbaceous profile, but the wonderful lemon zest finish is well worth it.
The mouth-feel will be quite light and refreshing with a mild caramel sweetness.
Mild chocolate tones with hints of almond taper into a crisp, yet smooth, finish.
If you want to experience pure Origin Characteristics, then this is a good choice.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

This is my choice for the most well-centered profile.
The body is mild and the mouth-feel is very creamy.
Plenty of chocolate and caramel sweetness, followed by a soft finish with an additional peak of cocoa nibs and a hint of lemon zest.

I really enjoyed the Nicaraguan at this roast level; a very pleasant experience.

Full City (+) Roast

This roast level will add some velvety smoothness and more prominent chocolate tones to the profile.
Notes of toffee sweetness and almonds are at the center, and the finish is crisp. While lemon zest may be missing, the chocolate and sweetness are somehow enhanced.
Well worth a try.

Darker Roasts

Not recommended. I found the coffee did not cup as well at darker roast levels.

Additional Information
Nicaragua Río Coco

Cooperatives and farmer associations in Nicaragua encompass a large percentage of the country's coffee producers.
By putting great emphasis on quality, cooperatives and farmers associations are helping their members gain influence and import that will, hopefully, garner enough profit to enable farmers to continue to improve and invest in their farms and their families.

Farmers, for the most part, will process coffee on their own farms, and the majority of the time coffee is dried on large drying patios under sun.

  • Origin: Nicaraugua
  • Region: Rio Coco
  • Traceable: Corcasan Coop
  • Elevation: 3,937 ft.
  • Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried
  • Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

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