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Papua New Guinea - Purosa - FTO

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Papua New Guinea - Purosa - FTO
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Papua New Guinea - Purosa

FairTrade, Organic, Shade Grown, Washed

Creamy body, Sweet, Chocolate and Caramel overtones

New Crop FairTrade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa is in stock!

This wonderful PNG is from the Purosa and Okapa valleys of the Eastern Highlands by farmers who grow their varietals in small gardens within their tribal village.

Many of the coffee trees are over 25 years old and will yield less coffee cherries than younger trees. This is good in that the coffee cherries have a higher sugar content and produce a sweeter and more complex cup.

After harvesting, the coffee cherries are pulped then dried in parchment. Once this process is complete, the farmers load their coffee onto trucks to be carried to Goroka (via muddy, rutted, dirt roads) to be milled, graded, certified Organic through the Highland Organic Agricultural Cooperative, and finally bagged for export.

A lot of work goes into producing this extraordinary crop of Papua New Guinea coffee, and I hope you will give it a try!

General Flavor Observations
Papua New Guinea - Purosa

This lot of Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa coffee is wonderful!
The fresh ground aroma offers a mild earthy, spiciness. During brewing, the aromatics provide subtle floral notes with hints of cocoa; very inviting.

In the cup, the body is creamy and surprisingly full, but not like a Sumatra; more like between Java and Sulawesi.
The acidity is mild, yet sweet, which highlights the soft fruit notes ranging from pear to stone fruit, depending on the roast level.
The overall profile will offer a nice cane sugar sweetness, with caramel and chocolate overtones, mild spiciness, and a smooth, balanced, satisfying experience.

Roast Level Profile Notes
Papua New Guinea - Purosa

I found the Full City roast to be my favorite, with a City roast coming a close second.
Full City is my usual 'go to' roast for PNG because it almost always provides for the best overall balance and focused profile. City roast will bring out a bit more spice and complexity, and Full City (+) the bigger body and silky mouth-feel. Any way you go, this is a versatile and delicious coffee.

We are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below explain how the various roast levels will alter the profile of the coffee:

City Roast (light roast)

With this roast level, you will find a milder body and an acidity that hints of pear on the finish. Notes of cocoa nibs and cane sugar are clear, along with more spice and herbal qualities. This lighter roast will surely dance around your palate. If you want to experience pure Origin Characteristics, then this is the choice.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

The Full City roast level for this coffee is perfect; creamy and smooth with good depth, mild spice, cane sugar and subtle stone fruit on the finish. The body is full, with clear notes of chocolate and sweet caramel. From start to finish, this roast will provide a profile that is consistent and delicious.

Full City (+) Roast

With this roast level, the body will deepen and the mouth-feel will become more silky. The sweetness will shift more of a brown sugar sweetness, and the fruit will become more like raisin or perhaps blackberry. The acidity lessens, and the chocolate tones become more pronounced. This is a really nice roast level, and the PNG can take it! I should also mention that the bean itself will plump up more at this roast.

Vienna Roast

A Vienna Roast may be starting to push beyond what the coffee can offer. This Papua New Guinea, like most, are not as heavy and Bold as some other Indonesian coffees. Roasting this dark will eclipse the wonderful subtleties that make this such a great coffee. In any case, what you will find here is a heavier body with prominent notes of dark chocolate throughout and a pointed finish that tapers quickly into dark berry.

French Roast

Not recommended.

Additional Information
Papua New Guinea - Purosa

Coffee is deeply embedded within the cultural fabric of Papua New Guinea, where the coffee tree itself is often referred to as the money tree. In fact, coffee beans can act as a currency and are frequently traded as a commodity in exchange for just about anything.

Papua New Guinea has some of the best soil, climate and overall growing conditions for coffee in all the world. The mineral-rich, volcanic topsoil can actually support two complete harvests in a single year!

Regarding Sustainable practices, I know the folks that have personally invested in the farmers and families who produce this wonderful Papua New Guinea Purosa coffee. I can assure you that beyond FairTrade, prices are paid to the farmers as well as investments into healthcare, schools, housing, and much, much more.

  • Origin: Papua New Guinea
  • Regions: Eastern Highlands: Ivangoi, Purosa, Okapa Valleys
  • Traceable: Smallholder farmers, Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC)
  • Processing: Washed
  • Certifications: FairTrade, Organic
  • Drying: Parchment
  • Elevation: 2,000 - 5,000 ft.
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Typica Hybrids

5 Stars
Makes the best ice coffee!
I bought PNG roasted to full city +,it makes the best ice coffee!
I stove top perk it, let it cool, then refrigerate. Even my wife who doesn’t drink much coffee Loves It!

I’m making so much I bought a 5 lb. bag for the summer. This is a definite must try!! Try it. Enjoy!

Reviewed by:  from NJ.
5 Stars
The flavors at fully city plus are something special! Loved this as an espresso!
Reviewed by:  from Philly.
5 Stars
Another great brew! Papua is sweet and smooth... it will not disappoint. This is my other staple for the house. A must try coffee if you have not had it before. Full City or full city +. Shea
Reviewed by:  from St.Louis.
5 Stars
Quality gourmet coffee lover
This is an excellent full body coffee that goes well as your morning or evening delight. I prefer full city + roasting level for my taste but always lean towards the darker roasts.
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Richardson.

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