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Peru Sol y Café

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Peru Sol y Café
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Peru Sol y Café

Organic, Fair Trade, Fully Washed

Notes of milk chocolate, lemon, and orange

Sol y Café (Sun and Coffee) is a co-operative of 1,200 small farms in the Northern regions of Peru.
Sol y Café’s motto is “We are Quality. We are Family.”
Every employee of the company is either a producer themselves or has direct familial ties to producers.

This is an outstanding Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee, and every purchase directly benefits the farmers and their families.

General Flavor Observations
Peru Sol y Café

This wonderful Organic Fair Trade Peru Sol y Café coffee exhibits a creamy mouth-feel with a mild to medium body.
The aroma is slightly spicy, and the finish is clean and sweet, with a pleasantly mild acidity.

The coffee offers a profile with notes ranging from cinnamon, cocoa, mild spice, and soft fruit, depending on the roast level you choose.
Overall, I found this coffee provided a really nice experience; very well balanced, smooth, and easy to drink.

Peru Sol y Café, sunshine in a cup!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Peru Sol y Café

My personal favorite roast level for this FTO Peru Sol y Café coffee is a Full City roast.

This is quite the compelling coffee in that, as I mentioned above, the various roast levels really bring out different attributes.
My notes below illustrate how the different roast levels will alter the profile.

As always, we are happy to roast to level you prefer.

City Roast (light roast)

This lighter roast will bring out pleasant herbal qualities and notes of cinnamon and cocoa, with hints of tangerine, and perhaps lemon, on the finish. The body will be mild and the finish a little brighter.

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

This roast level will provide the best overall balance between body, acidity and flavor attributes. There is a nice honey sweetness and creamy mouth-feel, with milk chocolate and hints of caramel. The body is medium; the finish smooth and round with a very mild acidity and a hint of cherry.

Full City (+) Roast

This is also a great roast level and will provide more of a cocoa-liquor kind of quality. The mouth-feel is smooth and remains creamy, and the body is medium, but with more depth. The acidity is very mild and the finish will linger a bit longer.

Darker Roasts

Darker roasts are not recommended. I believe the best attributes of this coffee will be overwhelmed by the roast level at darker roasts.

Additional Information
Peru Sol y Café

Sol y Café is an association of small producers (farmers), whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the association and particularly to his family and community.
The association has a particular focus on the prioritization of agricultural activities, preserving the environment, sustainable development, and social responsibility.

A large portion of the services Sol y Café provides comes in the form of aid for the producers.
The medical facility provides regular check-ups, monitors vitals (checking blood pressure and cholesterol), and can screen women for Ovarian cancer. Upon evaluation at the facility, if a medical condition is diagnosed beyond its capabilities, the medical staff will refer the member to a doctor in Jaen, and provide medical loans if necessary.
The co-operative actively pursues initiatives that focus more on preventative care, distributing nutrition information and best-practices for personal hygiene, to better care for the farmers and their families.

Additionally, children of members can also receive academic loans in order to pursue schooling in a coffee-related field with the stipulation that upon completion, they utilize their knowledge and efforts to better their family’s farm.

Fair Trade - guarantees that a premium price will be paid to the farmers, regardless of market conditions, effectively providing them with a 'living wage.'

Organic - Organic certification means that the coffee has been certified by a third-party agency as having been grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides or similar chemicals.

  • Origin: Peru
  • Region: Cajamarca, provinces of Jaen and San Ignacio
  • Traceable: Sol y Café Association
  • Elevation: 2,953 - 6,562 ft.
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Drying: Sun Dried on patios
  • Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Pache, Mondo Novo, Bourbon, Catuai, and Catimor
  • Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

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