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Sumatra Aceh - FTO RFA

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Sumatra Aceh - FTO RFA
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Sumatra Mandheling Aceh

Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance

Pronounced Body, Spice, Wood Notes

This is an outstanding Sumatra Mandheling crop that was produced by 1,831 individual farmers.
The farmlands span across 35 different villages throughout the mountainous terrain of the Aceh province and Gayo region of Northwestern Sumatra.

This is an Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee that has been processed using the traditional semi-washed (wet-hulled) or Giling Basah method (see Additional Info below for more detail).

There is no other coffee quite like a Sumatran coffee; you will not find a profile like this from any other country.
Tired of mellow and sweet? Ready for something different?
Look no further. Your big booming cup of spice and character has arrived.

General Flavor Observations
Sumatra Mandheling Aceh

I love Sumatra coffee! It's big in the cup, rustic and complex.
The aroma is amazing and will fill the room with an array of scents from spice to forest.

The overall profile will provide notes of sweet caramel, a clean earthiness, woody tones, and a rich, full body.
The acidity is mild yet with a crisp, lingering finish.
I also detected hints of dark chocolate and tobacco.

No other coffee offers such an intensely satisfying range of complex flavors and body.
Simply outstanding!

Roast Level Profile Notes
Sumatra Mandheling Aceh

My personal favorite roast level for this FTO RFA Sumatra Mandheling coffee is a Full City roast.
However, it is equally as good at a Full City (+).
In truth, this fine coffee has something to offer at all the roast levels.

As always, we are always happy to accommodate any roast level you prefer.
The notes below illustrate how the various roast levels will alter the profile:

City Roast (light roast)

For those seeking pure Origin Characteristics, this is always the go to roast level. Here you will find more pronounced herbal qualities, notes of Graham cracker, and more of a dry nuttiness. There is plenty of spice and character, with a more pointed finish. The cup will be a bit brighter, but the body will still be big and full. This is a good choice if you like an herbal and spicy quality in your coffee

Full City Roast (medium roast) - Preferred

This roast is a great choice for experiencing the best balance between Origin and Roast characteristics. Huge, deep body, baker's chocolate, tobacco, forest floor, earthy spice, and aromatics. Soft acidity, smooth lingering flavor, and a rich mouth-feel. This is the roast level that really captured my attention.

Full City (+) Roast

This is also a great roast level and will develop a more depth and juiciness to the overall experience. The body will be syrupy with additional notes of cedar, tobacco, and spice. Silky smooth and deep!

Vienna Roast

Want an even heavier body, notes of dark chocolate, syrupy mouth-feel, tempered acidity and herbal tones? If so, then this roast level is an excellent choice!

French Roast

This roast will provide a heavy, dense body, with profound bitter-sweet chocolate tones. Spice tones remain, but complexity is lost. Thick, heavy and rich!

Additional Information
Sumatra Mandheling Aceh

The unique flavor profile of Sumatra coffee is greatly influenced by the way it processed.

Giling Basah - Sumatra (and Sulawesi) growers are the world?s exclusive practitioners of the Giling Basah, or Semi-Washed (Wet Hulled) process. No other origins use the process.
In the Giling Basah process, only the outer skin of the coffee cherry is removed leaving the mucilage on the parchment and dried but for a few hours (conventional, fully washed coffees remove the mucilage as well and are dried for 1-2 days).
With the parchment layer still intact, along with a good portion of the mucilage, the beans tend to be gummy and sticky, and the parchment will have a very high moisture content.
The extra mucilage and moisture content profoundly alters the cup profile by providing more sweetness and body.
The drying of semi-washed parchment is done on natural clay or dirt patios where the coffee beans can freely absorb characteristics and minerality of the soil, which in turn contributes to the classic, earthy profile of Sumatra coffee.

Fair Trade - guarantees that a premium price will be paid to the farmers, regardless of market conditions, effectively providing them with a 'living wage.'
Other benefits of Fair Trade include providing electricity to the houses of the farmers, funding for the education of the farmer?s children, improve road construction, and a community library.

Rainforest Alliance - Coffee with this certification shows that the coffee farm promotes Rainforest and Ecosystem Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Fair Treatment, and Good Conditions for Workers.
The Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance programs have further provided for the establishment of food assistance programs, women?s pregnancy and health programs, and the creation of sustainability and environment conservation initiatives.

Organic - Organic certification means that the coffee has been certified by a third-party agency as having been grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides or similar chemicals.

  • Origin: Sumatra
  • District: Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh Province
  • Region: Gayo
  • Traceable: 1,831 individual farmers, 35 villages
  • Elevation: 3,900 - 5,200 ft.
  • Process: Giling Basah (Semi-Washed)
  • Drying: Sun Dried on clay patios
  • Varietal: Bourbon, S Lini, TimTim, P 88, Ateng, Catimor
  • Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance

5 Stars
This coffee is one to remember. It satisfies on all dimensions. Friends who have tasted it ask me about it. I might try different coffees and still think "...and then there's that Sumatran..."
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Reviewed by:  from California.
5 Stars
Tons of flavor! This coffee is excites the senses right out of the bag. Joe is spot on with his description- before the first sip you will experience aromas that fill the kitchen. Rich and full bodied, lingering perfectly on your pallet with low acidity... I love it! You will not be disappointed. This is a great late fall and winter brew. Shea
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Reviewed by:  from St.Louis.

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