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Secret of Paris

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Secret of Paris
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Secret of Paris

Washed and Natural Process Blend

Amazing Aroma, Deep and Rich

This is a special blend for a friend of ours in New England who asked me to duplicate a coffee he had in Paris.
The result? Secret of Paris!

What is the "Secret"?
This wonderful blend is excellent for Espresso and Pour Over.
Rich and very deep bodied, with a smooth mouthfeel, and a finish that is uplifting.

The over-all profile will offer a full bodied cup with a subtle nuttiness and notes of baker's chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and mild acidity.

We offer this exciting blend on the following roasts:
  • Full City - For more complexity, spice, and nougat, within a full, rich body and slightly brighter finish
  • Full City (+) - For a deeper body, darker chocolate, within a syrupy mouthfeel and a softer, yet lingering finish
While both roasts work equally as well for espresso, I found the crema more pronounced at our Full City roast.

The blend is a combination of ... well it's a Secret!

5 Stars
Dark, strong but smooth
This is the coffee I could only find at small roasters in France. Better than a French Roast you’d normally get in the US. Not harsh or charred like some national brands.
Reviewed by:  from New Hampshire.

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